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We teach and share our developing faith for the common good.
We create space for conversation, RECOVERY, and rest.
We mobilize grassroots service initiatives.


C3 creates opportunities for connecting people and serving others.


While C3 is made up of many volunteers, all of our efforts are led by at least one of the directors listed below.

Chris Estus

Chris Estus

Chris Estus serves as the Recovery Pastor for AHUMC and for Pioneer Group. In 2021, Chris was selected by the Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church to be the 2021 Appalachian Trail Chaplain. Chris is a gifted teacher, worship leader, and musician who is called to bring people in recovery & followers of Jesus into conversation with each other. Chris is a graduate of the State University of NY–Oswega with degrees in Economics and Political Science.

Ryan Jacobson

Ryan Jacobson

Ryan Jacobson serves as the congregational care pastor for Alamo Heights United Methodist Church. His relief efforts have led him to Mexico, Central America, and Africa. He also provides teaching and leadership for extensive study-tours in Israel. He is a graduate of Texas State University and Fuller Theological.

A.J. Navarro

A.J. Navarro

A.J. Navarro has been a drummer and band leader in worship ministry since 2001. He has been in the performance music industry for most of his life. He currently serves as the Worship Director at Alamo Heights United Methodist Church. In addition to being a producer and an amazingly talented percussionist, A.J. is also an instructor with a passion for helping students.

Darrell Smith

Darrell Smith

Darrell Smith is a non-dual writer, facilitator, and theologian. Serving both in the church and as the founding director of Chapter 3—a non-profit committed to serving people and the common good—Darrell has been exploring and, at times, protesting faith, religion and spirituality for over twenty years. Darrell’s exploration and protest has led him to homeless shelters, recovery groups, and refugee ghettos as well as universities, churches, and prisons.

Stacy Smith

Stacy Smith

Stacy Smith received a master’s degree in education from Texas State University and possesses a thorough experiential background in education and programming. In addition to her skills as an educator, programmer, vocalist and pianist with C3, Stacy serves as the Chief Admin of C3.

Our Practices


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We understand our faith best as a journey: it is ongoing, it is dynamic, and it’s not worth undertaking alone.

We do have some basic wisdom— the non-negotiables of love, mercy, and acceptance.

We want to share these whenever and however we can.




Oftentimes, the greatest gift we can share with our fellow journeyers is just to come alongside them and let them know they are not alone. 


We hope the events and efforts we support foster free and safe dialogue, awaken artistry and expression, and model healthy rhythms of rest and activity.





While we are a small organization, we are nevertheless called
to action.

Whether through mission and relief efforts, collecting funds and supplies, or building awareness, it is our desire to be responsive to the events and circumstances around us that demand an organized response.


We thrive with your support!

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