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The Wired Group

The Wired Group offers coaching, training, and learning cohorts to pastors and churches pursuing the tools and balance required for sustained and successful service.


We support leaders and faith communities in development, planning, and strategy.

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1. We are PARTNERS.

We are not here to tell you what to do or do it for you. We prefer to partner with leaders and organizations and together we can complement each other and accomplish even more than we ever thought possible apart.

2. We love TEAM.

We know that alone we cannot achieve our best, but together on a team, we can draw out the best in one another and perform better than when alone.

3. We love QUESTIONS.

We are the first to remind you that you are experts in your organization. We do not have all the answers. But we do love to bring questions. Hopefully, our questions will help to open up discussion, understanding and discovery together.


THE WIRED GROUP is led by Matt Scott—whose training and experience as a large-church executive pastor and lawyer, coupled with a unique calling to encourage and equip leaders, allow him to craft coaching and team-building platforms for churches, ministries, and non-profit organizations. 

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Partner with us to create opportunities for connecting people and serving others.

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